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Little Black Shack Art

Spending time at the shack and around Mackerel Beach makes us really appreciate the environment and our beautiful surroundings. We are constantly inspired to capture it, be it by camera, phone, pencil or paint brush.

There are many seascape paintings around the shack. All environmentally friendly, they have been created with acrylic and watercolour paints on old weathered pieces of timber washed up on the beach or left over from the shack’s restoration. 

If you would like to see or purchase any paintings, please contact us through the link below at or contact Ingrid on 0400 515 588. Postcards and prints are also available upon request. For the range of artwork available please see below.

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You can also commission a painting of your favourite memory from your stay. Please get in touch and send your favourite photo for a quote.

Prices and sizes of the original paintings may vary according to the timber we find and range between $170 -$400.